Applying the Lessons of the book, ‘Make It Stick’
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This week I’m listened to Peter Brown’s book, Make It Stick on Scribd. The book’s ultimate aim is to teach readers how they can learn better and remember longer. The main takeaways from the book can certainly be applied to Learning Chinese 中文. The most effective learning methods are: 1) Active Retrieval 2) Spaced Repetition and 3) Interleaving.

How do we use these methods in our Mandarin Course?

1) Active Retrieval — We have practice quizzes for each lesson and a lesson worksheet (you can use this worksheet for the Newsletter lessons too) to cement your learning. You can revisit both later on and re-take lessons where you fall short on the tests.

2) Spaced Repetition — We have Anki tutorials on the Member Dashboard to supplement your Mandarin studies.

3) Interleaving — The evidence for whether interleaving is effective for language learners is still out but it seems more effective for those that have a fundamental grasp of the second language already. The Learn Mandarin flagship course is designed to take non-Chinese speakers from zero to conversational Mandarin. After that, we have Chinese songs, Chinese movies, Chinese stories and further resources to enable interleaving.

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