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Chinese for Kids and Toddlers Mandarin DVD Set

A lot of people like the idea of speaking Mandarin but think that it’s too difficult to learn because there’s a widespread perception that learning Chinese is hard… Well, that’s not true! The truth is that learning to read and write Mandarin can be quite difficult but learning how to speak Mandarin Fluently is not difficult! You just need the right program to teach you. This is even more true for kids and babies since they have a magical ability to pick up languages like a sponge.

That’s where I can help you.

I have designed a Chinese Course for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Babies that you can watch from convenience at home.

I know that DVDs might seem a bit old school in today’s digital all connected world so you might be wondering why this is a DVD.

The main reason is that iPhones and iPads can be highly addictive. I’ve seen babies that literally get addicted to the dopamine hits that we all get from using these devices. As soon as you take away the phone, they start crying.

So for parents that don’t want this for their babies and kids, you have the option of just loading it up on TV for them and giving them an effortless education that will set them up for success. A valuable lifelong skill.

Additional reasons for why your child should Learn Mandarin:

  • Health — studies show that bilingual people experience slower onset of dementia
  • Einstein brain — children that can speak multiple languages have improved cognitive function that’s linked to critical thinking and problem solving
  • Opportunities — China is clearly growing rapidly and there will be even more opportunities for those that are prepared


The Children’s Learn Mandarin DVD Course

The Learn Mandarin DVD has 10 easily-digestible lessons that are designed for kids:

  • Contains 10 Easy Learn Mandarin Lessons on a DVD
  • This course is designed for toddlers, preschoolers and small children.
  • Amazing Support in case you have any questions or need any assistance


 My Mandarin Story

I first started to teach Mandarin privately during my spare time while I was a university student in Sydney. Though I grew up in Sydney, I speak both Chinese Mandarin and English naturally. Growing up in a Chinese household but living in an English speaking country, I guess I was lucky to get the best of both worlds as I never really had to “learn” either language. It just seemed to come naturally as it all happened when I was very young. Anyway, back to my story.

I continued to teach Mandarin while I worked full time in the corporate world both privately and in classes at community centers. I’ve also guest lectured at universities around the world.

I had a lot of students who tried learning Chinese Mandarin before but complained that they didn’t really learn anything. When I looked through the course material, I realized that the material made good bedtime reads — they did a good job of putting me to sleep! So I put together my own course material which focused on the essentials — i.e. what students could use almost immediately — instead of the boring grammar stuff that students would forget and anyway wouldn’t need until they want to learn how to read and write. Well that become very popular indeed! After lots of referrals and recommendations, I couldn’t handle all of the students on top of my corporate job. So at the end of 2006, I recorded an audio course for the students I couldn’t accommodate and I offered it on a website. The audio course eventually evolved into an online video course after a lot of positive customer feedback. In those 6 years, more than 2,000 people and counting have learned to speak Mandarin fluently through my teaching methods.

Here is just one feedback from a current subscriber to the Online Learn Mandarin Course:

I found the course very effective and well structured.
Within 3 weeks of starting the course I found myself being able to pronounce and structure words in sentences well enough for Chinese people to understand me.
Would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning mandarin.
-Mathew S.
Sydney, Australia


Online Bonus Content

If you order today, then I will give you TWO MONTHS OF ACCESS to the Learn Mandarin Level 1 Members Only Area. Members are currently paying $45.00/month for the same level of access which gives you a value of $90! In the Members Only Area, you can:
 Members Only Access
  1. While you wait for your DVD in the post, you can start watching your Learn Mandarin Lessons immediately!
  2. You can download the lessons in Mp3 format so that you can listen to your lessons on your iPod/iPhone/Smartphone
  3. You will have access to online quizzes that help you consolidate your knowledge

Recommended by Colleges

My course is actually recommended by learning institutions around Australia that lack a Chinese Mandarin Program. Why? Quite simply because this course is designed to teach you how to really speak Mandarin Chinese. One student that was referred to me this way had this to say:

“I have tried so many different programs on learning Chinese but the way you do the videos, the way you explain words, concepts and ideas… It’s fantastic! It’s better than anything else I have tried before. And I like listening to your voice. I have tried some other DVD programs and a few classes but I have never really gotten anywhere with those. I will happily recommend your video lessons to my friends interested in learning Chinese and certainly to your readers.”

Jackie O’Neil

Details about the DVD Course

This DVD will give you over 10 carefully-edited lessons which we have worked very hard on. 

Chinese for Children Course Details

  • Animals
  • Colours
  • Directions
  • Family
  • Fruits
  • Greetings
  • Instruments
  • Occupation
  • Time
  • Song


If you want an easy program where you will actually learn to speak Chinese and not waste money on useless courses or books, then there is no other program quite like this one. Here is what Bryan H. had to say:

Your mandarin lessons are excellent! I have learnt more from the first 7 lessons than I learnt in 12 months previously with other mandarin teaching methods. I wish I came to this program from the start.

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  • Free Postage WorldWide (valued at $19.00)!

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Testimonial from James, Houston, USA

This program I found simple and easy to use (I found others added too much stuff which make checking them or reading everything challenging and very complicated).
The lessons structure is very good too! Well organized with the words review and conversation review and all!
It is also helpful that before each lesson you revise the previous words.. it sticks more before moving on to the next lesson

The help sheet is very, very important. Each new word a listener or a student learns must be written somewhere in the help sheet so that the student can listen while looking at the words (or explanation) and remember.
Maybe I am old fashioned but for me, seeing everything on paper is very important.


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