Christmas in China
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While most Chinese are not Christians, many Chinese will get into the holiday spirit this Christmas in China.

You may be surprised to find that all the trappings of a Western Christmas can be found in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan!

Christmas in China: Macau

So what do Chinese people do for Christmas?

An increasing number of Chinese people celebrate on Christmas Eve by going out and eating Christmas dinners with friends and family. Traditional Christmas dinners are readily available at hotel restaurants and Western restaurants during Christmas in China.

For those eating in, supermarket chains which cater to foreigners like Jenny Lou’s sell all of the trimmings needed for a home-cooked Christmas feast.

Exchanging Xmas cards with close friends and family is also becoming popular. If you are in China, then you can make your Chinese friends and family feel get into the spirit of Christmas by giving them some small, inexpensive gifts. Or you can just wish them a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas — ShengDanJie Kuai Le!

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