Jing.fm – Music Streaming for when “You Feel Like It”
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Like many good things in life, I got to learn about Jing.fm by chance when browsing through Forbes China article “30 Under 30”  – a list of successful Chinese entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Shi Kaiwen (施凯文 Shī KǎiWén), the founder of Jing, is 24. He created Jing back in 2011 and, so far, free of any copyright issues, the project has been growing steadily for the past couple of years.

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I have a weak spot for anything that has to do with music, and since youtube is a no-go in China, I decided to give his invention a go. I headed to their webpage and was greeted by a minimalistic design of jing.fm. And by minimalistic, wow, they really didn’t want to spend a lot of time on words (it’s the same with the Android app).

With the web-version, you basically have the option of sign in (登录 DēngLù) or registering (注册 ZhùCè). If you are, like me, unfortunate enough to forget your password often, you also have the option of retrieving your password by clicking on (忘记密码 WàngJì MìMǎ “Forgot password”).

There are a couple of options available for registering, either through Renren account (人人网 RénRénWǎng Chinese version of Facebook); your Sina account (微博 WēiBó – Chinese version of Twitter), or simply with your email (邮箱 YóuXiāng).

Once you’re in, Jing.fm allows you to search for the music you like by browsing through your favorite artists, music styles, countries, languages, venues or moods. There is the choice of Waltz (华尔兹 Huá’ĚrZī), of music that is heavy and serious (沉重 Chénzhòng), fierce (激烈 JīLiè),  music for good night (晚安 Wǎn’Ān) and music for goodbyes (离别 LíBié).

Once you’ve made your choice, the selected music/artist/mood will be played and you have the choice of four possible orders (which the system will remember), these are:

喜欢 XǐHuān – like

讨厌 TǎoYàn – hate

单曲循环Dān Qū XúnHuán – repeat (one song)

换歌 Huàn Gē – change (the song)

Simple, fast and effective.

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