Update: LearnMandarin poster with 50 most common radicals coming out soon!
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Dear students,

As you already know we’ve recently announced that we are working on creating a set of physical flashcards that are going to be extremely beneficial to those in the beginning stages of their language learning journey. The entire set of 300 cards which we have named Core Vocabulary, will be available for purchase soon through our website.

To make it easier to acquire vocabulary faster and to simplify the process of character learning for you, we’ve also designed a poster with 50 common radicals. As we have already mentioned, ‘radicals are those bits of characters which can be found in characters that are somehow related to each other. For example the radical , which means ‘woman’,  is featured in the characters for mother , older sister and the pronoun ‘she’ 她’.

A recent study found out that 43 most common radicals can be found in 3,693 frequently used characters. This means that by knowing and understanding these 50 radicals, you will be given the key to understanding more than 4,000 characters!

The posters will be available soon from our online store, but here’s a sneak preview for those that can’t wait – this has just been printed out today.

poster proof

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