Shopping Online: Your Guide to Using Yihaodian Part II
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One of our readers requested a sequel to the ‘categories’ aspect of shopping in Yihaodian; and as your humble servant, I shall happily abide.

Let’s talk more about searching for products. Well, first of all, even if your Chinese isn’t very good, inputting can be done in English, pinyin or Chinese characters; of course, searching in Chinese will get you more results, but for big brands and popular products using English will do too. After clicking on 搜索 SōuSuǒ, search, your products will be displayed (in no order whatsoever).

To make more sense of your results, it’s possible to group them by the following criteria:

销量 XiāoLiàng – Sales Volume,

好评 HǎoPíng – Number of Positive Reviews,

价格 JiàGé – Price, or

默认 MòRén – Default,

You can also input your desired price range between the two ¥ sings.

Once you’ve decided which product you want to buy, you can add it to the shopping cart by clicking 加入购物车 JiāRù (add) GòuWùChē (shopping cart); at the same time, you can also select the quantity of the product.

Yihaodian Shopping Cart

Source: yhd.com

Clicking on the item will take you to a new window where you’ll learn more about special discounts and/or promotions (that’s fairly straightforward, usually they just cross out the original price and put the new (discounted) price in a big, flashy font next to it). You will also see the number of reviews, availability of the product, and when it can be dispatched.

Prices in Yihaodian

Source: yhd.com

For example, for products currently available in Shanghai store:


Let’s break it down to:

上海现货 ShàngHǎi XiànHuò  – Shanghai has products In Stock

20:00前完成订单 20:00 Qián WánChéng DìngDān – If you complete (pay for) the order before 20.00

预计当天出库 YùJì DàngTiān ChūKù – It’s estimated the product will be sent out on the same day

Reviews in Yihadian

Source: yhd.com


In the next guide we’ll look into store check-out. 


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