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I continue to enjoy learning Mandarin with you and thanks for the learning tips, even though I am not good at following them. My biggest problem is remembering the small additions that change tense. There seems to be several that do the same thing and knowing which to use is difficult. Is there a reference text for grammar that you could recommend to make it easier to remember?
Thank you for writing to us.
I completely understand your frustration, I have once been there myself.
Chinese language prides itself on not having complex grammar, but the problem is that the rules that do exist tend to be very intuitive and thus good explanations are hard to come by.
The grammar book that I use and recommend is called Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide (it can be found on Amazon, for example: here) .
In it, you’ll find just enough explanations to understand everything clearly and not to be confused by specific terminology. The layout of the book is clear and logical and you should find it useful.
I have it myself and I’ve attached a screenshot of the part of the index that I think might interest you.
Chinese Grammar

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