Why All the Fuss Around New Year’s Gala?
Post by Eva

I’ve recently mentioned how watching Spring Festival gala is something one must do on the eve of Spring Festival. Strangely enough,many people also told me they don’t particularly enjoy watching it. I decided to dig deeper and conduct my own investigation, by interviewing young professionals about what CCTV New Year’s Gala means to them and their families. This 5-hours lasting broadcast (from 8pm – 1 am) features dancing, singing, and comedy performances and can singlehandedly launch a career of otherwise virtually unknown performers. Sounds interesting? It does, right? Let’s see what some of the answers were:

Spring Festival Gala

“In our family we always watch the Gala performance, well, my parents watch it, I think it’s kind of boring. I prefer to play computer games with my brother.”

Peter (32)

“Oh yeah, we always watch the Spring Festival Gala. We turn on the TV as soon as it starts, and we keep it on the whole time. It’s a tradition, and we’ve never missed a show in our family. No, I don’t actually watch it, maybe just glance at it I hear something interesting.”

Alice (29)

“I don’t think the show is very interesting; the humor is rather crude. In China there’s not much satire, they make fun of people that are stupid and weak, but I don’t think it’s really funny.”

Thomas (32)

“The Gala is very important in China, kind of like tradition, so people just do it and they don’t ask themselves why. I think that’s because the first Gala was broadcast in early 1980s, back then, many people bought their first TV. Since there weren’t many programs available at the time, this one became very popular, and people liked it very much.” 

Amanda (31)


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